Privacy Policy

Teko Solutions Asia Inc. (“Teko”) values the privacy of its partner technicians and customers (“Users”). We take the protection and security of our Users’ Personal Data with utmost importance and commitment. This Data Privacy Notice contains a summary of our policies regarding the access, collection, use, storage, disclosure, and disposal of our Users’ Personal Data which we receive and collect from our Users through our mobile application (Teko Tech App), and other forms of communications.

What Personal Data do we collect?

We collect and process our Users’ Personal Data only upon their affirmative consent and in accordance with the Data Privacy Act. In the usual course of our business activities, we collect the following Personal Data from our Users for our own use and the use of our affiliates and third party providers:


  • 1. Complete name
  • 2. Mobile and/or landline number
  • 3. Residential and/or office address
  • 4. E-mail address
  • 5. Geolocation

Partner Technicians:

  • 1. Complete name
  • 2. Mobile and/or landline number
  • 3. Residential and/or office address
  • 4. Date of birth
  • 5. Details of Government-issued ID’s and certificates, including but not limited to: Driver’s License, NBI or Police Clearances, secondary ID’s, TESDA and/or other certifications
  • 6. Certifications of previous experience and/or employment.
  • 7. E-mail address
  • 8. Geolocation

What the Teko App Accesses:

  • 1. GPS functions
  • 2. Camera functions
  • 3. SMS functions
  • 4. Data Storage functions

When our Users provide us with Personal Data by which they can be reasonably identified, they can be assured that their Personal Data will be used only in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the relevant Terms and Conditions governing their relationship with us.

We collect Users’ Personal Data from the following sources: (1) information we collect about Users when they contact us through our contact centers, email, mobile applications or services, and other online and mobile platforms; (2) information we collect about our Users from public records and from other available sources authorized to disclose such information; and (3) information we collect from our partner technicians’ mobile phones.

How do we use your Personal Data?

All our Users’ Personal Data, which are collected with their consent, and other information with regard to their transactions with us may be combined and processed to:

  • 1. Verify Users’ identity
  • 2. Verify Users’ qualifications
  • 3. Validate jobs
  • 4. Enable various resources for efficient operation of the platform
  • 5. Conduct third party data analytics
  • 6. Improve our products and services
  • 7. Communicate with our Users
  • 8. Conduct sales, marketing, aftermarket services, and research and development.

We may also disclose our Users’ Personal Data to: (1) our third party service providers that perform business operations on our behalf; (2) partners who collaborate with us to provide services to our Users; or (3) business partners that provide joint communications that we hope our Users find of interest through processing of the following: (a) our Users’ Internet Protocol address; (b) search terms used; (c) pages and internal links accessed on our site; (d) date and time of visit of the site; (e) geolocation; (f) referring site or platform (if any) through which our Users clicked through to this site; (g) operating system; (h) web browser type; or (i) type of device used.

How do we protect your Personal Data?

We protect our Users’ Personal Data through organizational, procedural, and technical security measures. We ensure that only authorized employees and third party service providers, who have undertaken to satisfy our information security and data privacy requirements are allowed to process our Users’ Personal Data. While we warrant that due diligence is exercised to guarantee privacy of our Users’ Personal Data, note that no data transmission conducted over the internet and/or through electronic channels can be guaranteed to be absolutely secure. Your Personal Data shall be stored in our secure database for ten (10) years. Thereafter, physical and electronic records shall be disposed of.

Contact Us

If you have any comments or questions or if you wish to access, delete, update or ask for a copy of personal information we hold about you, or wish to opt out or unsubscribe, or if you have questions about Teko’s privacy practices in general, please email


By logging in, you confirm that you have been fully informed of Teko’s processing activities with respect to the Personal Data we have collected from you, that you completely understand the terms thereof, and that you hereby freely consent thereto.